Since we receive no direct Arts Council funding, we rely on your generosity.

In 2013/2014 your donations helped enable us to:

Perform 2 operas in a barn within walking distance of the people who cannot drive to events further afield

Provide full bursaries for several children to take part in our London workshop and perform on stage in an opera

Provide fees to all young musicians who perform on stage and in the orchestra in our productions


We’d love to continue with our work that now spans performance, research and education but we receive no direct funding from the Arts Council. We like to keep our ticket prices as low as possible so we can keep new audiences coming in for the same price as  a cinema ticket.

Below are just three of the ways you can start supporting us straightaway!

Cheque by post - you can write to us at the below address with our suggested donations or one of your own. Please include your own address as we’re rather traditional and do love to handwrite our own thank you letters!

Online - you can either use one of the links above, or you can transfer your own amount directly to the charity’s account with these details:
Account Number: 53476529
Sort Code: 20-90-56

Charities Aid Foundation - Opera Holloway are also able to receive cheques from those with a Charities Aid Foundation account.

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This year we need the help of some Anniversary Supporters to help us through the next 5+ years. In 2015 your help enabled us to purchase a stage piano and our own surtitles screen. This was a huge achievement as we were able to reach more venues and audiences that don’t have their own piano, and to screen surtitles above the productions no matter where we are.


As a Mozart supporter, your assistance enables us to keep the standard of our current performances at the highest level. We are able to ensure the props and costume add that extra magic to the production, and ensure the first time opera go-er gets the bug! Your help also ensures we have enough rehearsal time throughout the production process.


Our Mercadante project sits at the heart of Opera Holloway’s hopes to keep opera alive and evolving. Our work in researching and discovering old works, or commissioning something completely new. Your assistance allows these projects to come to life and ensures that opera stays very much a living genre.