Our workshops in schools aspire to inspire. We offer an enjoyable yet challenging experience to children from year 3 to year 13, introducing them to the concept of opera. They explore a musical and dramatic environment that is suitable, safe and exciting. We encourage both solo and ensemble activity and work according to the needs of each unique group and individual.


The structure of the day is largely up to you. We will provide suitable musical material that is adaptable to  the group involved in the workshop. Typically we work with one group of students in a morning session and another in an afternoon session before uniting everyone involved to work on a larger chorus number.

This maximises number of students that can be involved on the day. However if you require us to work with only one small group of students, we can accommodate this. The day is typically rounded off with a concert showcasing the work we have done during the day with students. Members of our cast also perform ensembles and solo numbers from the show we have worked on that day and from the company’s upcoming performances.

If you are interested in  one of our school workshops please contact us using the information provided on this site to discuss potential dates and fees.

We would be delighted to hear from you.